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  1. No 1 has my permission to rerelease this anywhere! And people who do rerelease it dont trust the links! So.. I'm going to just release this for people to rip stuff out of or just use. There isn't any antileach.. For poeple who get the 28 or 55 errors, you means you have to delete and rebuild the library.. And if if that does not work.. It means your java is unbound just change to a working one and you should be fine.. Before you connect note that the client's IP needs to be changed if you do not know where to do that its in Client.java the nightmare is 40% done, Most animations have
  2. hey I'm nates8570, the guy who released the server loading nightmare and 188.6 data from osrs, The guy ripped off my post from rune-server.ee and just posted here without the credits... Nor did i give him any permission to release.
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