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  1. than kthank thankafthank thank thank tanlk
  2. thanksthanksthanksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanksthanksthanksxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Includes the standalone jar - No Discord authorisation (Meaning you don't need to link your discord in order to use it) Execute the jar file and load your cache. Download here: Click me
  4. Contains: File-Server - Launcher - Game-Client - Cache - Game-Server Please note this is a gradle project which means you will need to import as gradle. Download Full package here: Click me
  5. Since a bunch of people are still selling this garbage and people are fighting over it lets release it OS-Fatality is #184 OSRS Revision. It is based on Runite. Full Website: Download Server + Old Client: Download OpenOSRS/Runelite client - Fully functional: Download Doesn't include Database for the website! If you want this feel free to contact me via PM If you're wanting to fully run this you'll need the Api, Update-server, Central-server. These are all pretty much released on here already. To the people who already have it all setup and want to use the runelite client simply import as gradle. The standalone client is located via runelite-client module Enjoy this Release guys!
  6. This is for #83 so quite old but does the job
  7. Looks cool tech hopefully u stick with it
  8. If you still need this i also have it PM buddy
  9. I'll be releasing OSFatality site, runelite client & game-server soon

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