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  1. Server


    Welcome to RuneLeak
  2. Looks unappealing and very dull, a different approach could make it worthy of release though
  3. I can probably get the latest version from Gabbe if needed but wont leak it
  4. It's terrible, trust me. If you want it you have to dig through R-S for users whom started a project using novite 666
  5. I actually suggested that idea to Ace but he wants it to be a completely community based decision, so either go with what you said or edit the requirements of the applications since they obviously can't apply now and need to wait 6 months (or possibly more since they need 1,000 posts)
  6. Then delete the thread or edit the requirement temporarily until you guys find a permanent solution.
  7. Server


    Welcome to rune-ser.. I mean RuneLeak
  8. Requirement states we need 3-6 months at least before applying when the forums has only been up for like a few weeks. It also states we need 500-1000 posts in order to apply when in total we have 1.2k when all the users posts are collected. Please adjust it, I've seen users who have been planning to apply but were afraid they wouldn't be following the rules, thanks for reading.
  9. Congratulations, your work will be appreciated around here.
  10. The last part can be done but their content is what makes it special, you can try and attempt and recreate it like many have though
  11. Server


    Welcome, a bit of appreciation for our community would be nice since they contributed to leaking sources.
  12. Alotic was never released and it's going to launch soon enough, no idea about NoxRune
  13. Thanks for the support. Yeah, it encourages users to reach better goals rather than spam the site with meaningless posts and be top posters. Pretty much the whole concept of why I suggested it.
  14. Give credit to where It's due OT: Support on the rest of the suggestions
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