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  1. Interesting, will check it out
  2. thanks, will check it out friend
  3. Kaydot

    Heart Cape

    I think this needs improvement.
  4. badass version of the ghrazi rapier imo
  5. these are some pretty nice looking capes, gj
  6. Kaydot


    i dont get the point of this thread either? what do you mean??
  7. i heard that elvarg is a great source tbhhh
  8. just invest in shares that make sense, you can easily make a good return if you know what ur doing
  9. RSPS wont die as long as runescape is alive imo
  10. The graphics look amazing but i doubt they would ever implement this unfortunately
  11. you chop would on a wood chop chop and a wood chop would chop wood
  12. I think he was back in the day, but religion depicts him different
  13. Kaydot


    I really like blue cheese but i think my favourite of all time is strawberry kush
  14. the chicken dude otherwise how can there be an egg?

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