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  1. RS 2012 Ready 2 Host [Working Stealing Creation]

    why are you selling l-e-a-k-e-d products on your rune-server and sellfy page, "mystic_wolf"?
  2. Intervention X 718 Loading 742 - Released

    actual osrs protocol?
  3. RS 2012 Ready 2 Host [Working Stealing Creation]

    someone is selling these l e a k e d servers on r-server lol.
  4. Purgatory-x

    good luck! is inferno actually 100%?
  5. [317] Kronos Release + Deob

    wrong server man haha. this is a deob, just refer to the lost-isle/vernox releases, as they're the same.
  6. [317] Kronos Release + Deob

    will take a look.
  7. Why is footer description a direct rip of RuneLocus.com?

    real scu would not give a care.
  8. trinityrsps/emps-world

    interested in this as well.
  9. Request source/client from Hyperion 718/751

    you're trading hyperion or hyperion? what?
  10. ruthlessps Release

    y r u even here u donut. btw this should be renamed to pieceofshit-ps.
  11. Oh you want an intro?

    no one gives a fuck but you're probably here for the leaks anyways.
  12. Salusscape/OS-War (Client)

    not really a l-e-a-k but i've decompiled the client for those that may be interested in ripping interfaces or particles. idk if the server is still online but i'll include a cache in the download as well. with minimal changes, the client should be compatible with most 317 clients, or the most recent, the exotic/os-v base. advert thread: [spoiler=]
  13. (S) 718/rs3 Client loading 839 and 860

    vouch for stewie.
  14. OsWorld Release (LATEST)

    holy shit the amount of replies. gf.