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  1. Thanks for the share, will be using this :3
  2. Thank you for the share, let me check this out
  3. Thank you for the share :3 Will be ripping some content out of here
  4. Thanks for the share man will use this :3
  5. What type of content does this have ? Thanks for the share
  6. Let me take a look at this Thank you for the share.
  7. REMEMBER ! - If you can't get the client to decompile correctly, then use FantasyPS client and you will just have to hardcode the items in, it shouldn't take you too long at all. Hope everyone enjoys the release.
  8. Do you have BSP3 ? Looking for it for awhile Do you have BSP3 ? Looking for it for awhile
  9. Just what i needed, thank you
  10. Thanks man looking for this
  11. Worse way to do it.. Teach people how to do it via cache packing so their cache doesn't take 20 hours to un-zip
  12. If no-one can get this working, Please download the FantasyPs Client and then use my source and cache, You'll have to code the items / pets and some others for yourself. Goodluck guys.
  13. I believe only one person has the correct client files. Goodluck all on decoding it =D
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