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  1. Tiller

    OSPS (First Version)

    bro clutch
  2. Tiller

    OS-World Re-release

    cheers bro
  3. Tiller

    OS-Royale release

    if this legit, good shit
  4. Dummer Jude

  5. Tiller

    Post Mortem OSRS

    goodluck buddy
  6. Tiller


    welcome vati
  7. Tiller

    Lost-Isle - 150 Data

    I know there are some dupe issues, client freezing issues, etc. easy fixes.
  8. Tiller

    OsWorld Release (LATEST)

    nice release home boy
  9. Tiller

    SCAPEHD Released

    will test fs fs
  10. Tiller

    Lost-Isle - 150 Data

    Not sure since Lost-Isle was taken down, i can’t really see their progress.
  11. Tiller

    Lost-Isle - 150 Data

    Lost-Isle uses a OSRS Deob of whatever revision, but this is loading 150. It's a little buggy, but has somewhat potential in my eyes. Some Unique features: Motherlode Mine Start of Raids Full OSRS Farming ETC. Media: Download: Package You need MongoDB to run the server, look at this thread for a quick guide:
  12. Tiller

    Blank OSRS Deob Server

    Simple blank server working with a 86 OSRS Deob loading 118+ data. Added slayer tasks, some shops, and OSRS Npc spawns. Media: Download: Package
  13. Tiller

    [OSRS] Combat 92 - Main

    You get access to the email associated as well tho..
  14. Tiller

    [OSRS] Combat 92 - Main

    Hey guys, I'm selling my main simply because I have no motivation to play on this account anymore. I've had the account for a little over a year, with no offenses other than a 24 hour mute. You also get access to the email associated. Payment options: Paypal/OSRS Gp Price: $45 or 50m OSRS Contact me: Discord: tiller#7300 Skype: [email protected] Notable Features: Full graceful Underground Pass Quest, Monkey Madness Quest, Full Wintertodt Outfit (Missing boots and pet), Lunar Diplomacy Quest, Hero's Quest, Dragon Defender Media:
  15. Tiller

    Requesting Base

    turns out it’s lost isle w 129 data. i found it

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