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  1. Dummer Jude

  2. Tiller


    welcome vati
  3. I know there are some dupe issues, client freezing issues, etc. easy fixes.
  4. Not sure since Lost-Isle was taken down, i can’t really see their progress.
  5. Lost-Isle uses a OSRS Deob of whatever revision, but this is loading 150. It's a little buggy, but has somewhat potential in my eyes. Some Unique features: Motherlode Mine Start of Raids Full OSRS Farming ETC. Media: Download: Package You need MongoDB to run the server, look at this thread for a quick guide:
  6. Simple blank server working with a 86 OSRS Deob loading 118+ data. Added slayer tasks, some shops, and OSRS Npc spawns. Media: Download: Package
  7. You get access to the email associated as well tho..
  8. Hey guys, I'm selling my main simply because I have no motivation to play on this account anymore. I've had the account for a little over a year, with no offenses other than a 24 hour mute. You also get access to the email associated. Payment options: Paypal/OSRS Gp Price: $45 or 50m OSRS Contact me: Discord: tiller#7300 Skype: [email protected] Notable Features: Full graceful Underground Pass Quest, Monkey Madness Quest, Full Wintertodt Outfit (Missing boots and pet), Lunar Diplomacy Quest, Hero's Quest, Dragon Defender Media:
  9. Tiller

    Requesting Base

    turns out it’s lost isle w 129 data. i found it
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