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  1. Santa

    Whaddup boysss

    Welcome to the server man! Hope you find what you need here.
  2. Santa

    Hey all

    Welcome to the community man.
  3. Santa

    runesuite 4 life

    Hai. Welcome to the community.
  4. Santa


    Welcome vernie. How are you?
  5. One of the best servers I've ever played. This man is a genius.
  6. Santa

    Hey guys

    Welcome to the community man.
  7. Thanks for this. Might check this out.
  8. Santa


    Hello everyone, I doubt anyone will remember me but I joined these forums when they first started back in 2016. I had a lot going on and lost touch and found my way back lol so Whats up?!
  9. Santa

    Promotion 6/10/16

    Exactly. I dont even post and i know this is true. Hahaha given staff away to everybody
  10. Santa

    Hey bois

    Welcome man
  11. Santa

    Introducing the Legend |Booty Pics|

    Welcome man, glad ya made an intro. Looking forward to learning from your posts as i want to start my own server soon
  12. Santa

    Sky is here!

    Welcome to the community man
  13. Santa

    My Future Goals.

    That is a great goal to have man. Thats the way everyone should be, teaching others what they learned to better the people. I hope you achieve it man.
  14. Santa


    Welcome turtle
  15. Santa

    Suggestions [1.0]

    Also make it 5-10 posts before accessing the shoutbox to combat spammers. Good suggestions though. Would like to see this done.

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