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  1. Hi for some reason i cannot comment on your post to download that ruse base you released I really like it but cannot comment


  2. gl w/ the backdoor, should remove it before you host. :hur:
  3. Made a new map editor in the past ~2 days so that we can put a nice custom feel on our Edgeville home.
  4. Life

    Maps on Request

    Hello lads, I'll keep this short and sweet; I'll be offering free/very low prices on maps to build up vouches. I'll do the first 3 modifications/small maps for free I'm able to add anything, remove anything, create anything, etc. Checkout my portfolio if interested, donations would be appreciated just contact me!
  5. Life


    hi noele. supskeet
  6. Moey

    Hey, have you got Skype by any chance?


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    2. Life


      Which version of vernox, all of my revisions were named vernox. The 530 version of Vernox? No, but I can sell it.

    3. Moey


      How much are you willing to sell it for?
      (Does it come with the cache, interface and map editor)?

    4. Moey


      Hey, I'm still awaiting response xD

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