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  1. Life

    Vernox release (Lost-Isle based)

    gl w/ the backdoor, should remove it before you host. :hur:
  2. Life

    ScapeSoft-HD 317 RSPS Release!

  3. Life

    Vernox release (Lost-Isle based)

    hey its vernox
  4. Life

    Arcanium (176 Deob, Runelite)

    gw m9
  5. Life

    Valius 171 Re-release

    big ooooooof
  6. Life

    OS-Royale release

    add resources
  7. Life

    OS-Royale release

    Interesting release mate.
  8. Life

    [317] Kronos Release + Deob

  9. Life

    [#148] Atlas - OSRS Project

    Made a new map editor in the past ~2 days so that we can put a nice custom feel on our Edgeville home.
  10. Life

    Maps on Request

    Hello lads, I'll keep this short and sweet; I'll be offering free/very low prices on maps to build up vouches. I'll do the first 3 modifications/small maps for free I'm able to add anything, remove anything, create anything, etc. Checkout my portfolio if interested, donations would be appreciated just contact me!
  11. Life


    hi noele. supskeet
  12. Life

    Lost-Isle - 150 Data

    Cool one Austin.
  13. Moey

    Hey, have you got Skype by any chance?


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    2. Life


      Which version of vernox, all of my revisions were named vernox. The 530 version of Vernox? No, but I can sell it.

    3. Moey


      How much are you willing to sell it for?
      (Does it come with the cache, interface and map editor)?

    4. Moey


      Hey, I'm still awaiting response xD

  14. Life

    [#148] Atlas - OSRS Project

    Click me to join our Discord! Development is chugging along nicely; worked on a few miscellaneous things over the past few days. Added 2 new settings under the advanced settings interface. Fixed the price of the Seeing Red ability. Cannons will now automatically load when placed down. The cannon will now load in one click when you hit the "fire" option. If you don't have any cannonballs or the cannon is full and you hit "fire" it will simply start/stop the cannon from rotating. Resetting your slayer task with Krystilia will no longer reset your overall streak, only Krystilia's wilderness streak. Increased the need for a Witchwood Icon on a Cave Horror task. Fixed being able to access the Stronghold of Security. Added Grand Exchange shortcut. Spawned Cave Crawlers. Removed incorrect Turoth NPCs. Replaced with Rockslugs. Added Cockatrice. Added Pyrefiends. Added Basilisks. Added Jellies. Added Kurasks. Added the Kurask guard (Jelly, the troll) Fixed Slayer Dart/Magic Dart against Turoth NPCs. Added Kurasks to the Kurask-only zone (Fremmy dungeon) Added more defs/plugins (mainly for the monsters above) Added Saniboch Added metallic dragons Added black demons Added greater demons Added rogues Added rogues chests Added the Fountain of Rune's rune saving ability that allows you to cast a spell near it without using runes but gain no XP. Added support for the Skills necklace(5), Skills necklace(6), Glory(5), Glory(6) (and the trimmed version), and Combat brace(5) and (6). Cleaned up the jewellery teleport plugin. Added support for right clicking on jewellery while it's equipped and being able to select a specific location. Fixed the Slayer ring not being able to open the kill log. Fixed the Slayer ring (8) being the only charge of the ring that was equippable. Added the Fountain of Rune's ability to charge dragonstone jewellery up to 6 charges. The Fountain automatically charges all of the same type of jewellery in your inventory. For example, if you have 20 amulets of glory, all with different or varying charges, all of them will be charged in one go. Added support for the Amulet of Eternal glory. Worked on a bunch of random features yesterday: Battlestaff crafting Amulet stringing (including the lunar spell) Molten glass smelting Glassblowing (which we moved to the new skilling dialogues instead of the old interface) Superheating spell Humidify spell Sacred eel dissecting (into zulrah's scales)

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