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  1. This looks sweet, thanks for sharing
  2. 0xygen

    Vorkath -

    Thanks for this, I've got a couple of ideas for a buffed vorkath boss so it's useful seeing how you did it
  3. I'd stick to a 317 source if you're just getting started
  4. I'm mostly here for.the tutorials as I'm getting back into coding and they're super helpful
  5. No surprise really, I coded for a few medium size servers and people went nuts with donations. Definitely wouldn't want to be involved with figures like this copyright considered.
  6. 0xygen

    Favorite song atm

    Can't personally stop listening to Eminem's new album
  7. I don't mind skilling but combat training as a whole is lame. I like spawn servers to pk on most.
  8. How long does it take to max combats and reach endgame on this server? I wanna try some bosses and I heard Aloras are perfect.
  9. Welcome I'm looking for some people to get coding with so hit me up if you wanna do a project
  10. It's always been that way, the whole design is around paying for the top spots
  11. 0xygen

    Hey all

    I used to code for a few servers back in the day. Looking forward to playing around with some of the new content

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