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Everything posted by DampMrPlastic

  1. ooo thanks a lot, cant wait to try this out
  2. thanks a lot! look forward to checking it out
  3. i'm just starting out, a few years back I tinkered a bit in the rsps scene but never anything solid and way before eclipse was a thing. I'm having issues getting the server going and I have tried numerous sources, all generating some kind of error. I believe it may be library related on some of them but im not sure with this imagine source.
  4. hoping to use this as a base, thanks
  5. thanks man! gonna check this out tonight
  6. hoping this is what I think it is!
  7. looking forward to trying this out, Thanks!
  8. great release ty! hoping to mess around with it a bit
  9. thanks alot, hoinh to check it out
  10. Thanks so much! hoping i can add some improvements and release a new ps!
  11. hopefully not all your posts will be a waste of time
  12. Welcome! hope to see you around in the development forum
  13. nice to see someone put some effort into an intro! hopefully see you around
  14. what servers have you played/been a part of?
  15. DampMrPlastic


    how about a little more of an intro?
  16. I ran an rsps quite a few years ago i think it peaked at 10 people lol
  17. very good advertising, will definately check it out
  18. does this include a decimal? im just wondering if maybe they dont have a decimal added in and it may look like more then it is.
  19. Hey guys, I'm Damp. Been in the private server area for close to 12 years i think, my memory sucks but i started around the time that ODINMS came out. I dabbled and played some rsps back then but i was mostly into maplestory. I have been fascinated by coding and private servers since then, however i am terrible at coding as i havent really had a chance to learn other then some self taught stuff. Hopefully i get to know some of you while i attempt to work on a new private server and learn a thing or two. Have a good one!

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A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.


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