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  1. Duhast

    Valius Help

    So trying to get the latest valius source running - Gradle plugin is installed but however just spits out errors such as log is not resolved etc. Has anybody gotten Valius v69 working?
  2. Loads of errors with this, Java 1.7 or 1.8?
  3. Hm, automatic tournaments? Interesting
  4. Checking this out, thanks brotha
  5. Well damn, didn't expect this to get leaked. Many thanks brother.
  6. Welcome man, this is a better place, and better folks over here compared to the other places.
  7. Welcome to the better side John!
  8. Well shit, this is actually going to be useful. Thanks for the share!
  9. Been on the hunt for the IPB themes. Thanks bossman.
  10. Duhast

    Hey all

    Welcome to the better forum The new content is pretty boss.
  11. Welcome man, might shoot you a message.

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