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  1. MMO

    OSPK Release osrs

    “over 150 bug fixes” Still not yours to use, I’ve personally talked to MGT, he’s never gave ANYONE permission to use / sell / release his source. All that is changed here is some client modifications (which is horrible btw, fucking windows 8/10 loading? lmao) and I believe new edgeville map / home. Nothing special, the combat is still shit, there are still a lot of bugs, as well as a memory L E A K (lag is insane). Some other little shit head used this and hosted on a 8 GB VPS and still lagged with download and upload speeds of 150MB+. Overall, Dawntained has some “nice” features to be ripped, the source is still trashed imo. Good luck to whoever uses this, you’re gonna need it.
  2. MMO

    OSPK Release osrs

    Not yours, lmao. Source is dawntained so is client with some modifications.
  3. MMO

    176 Data - 317 Format.

    How to pack xteas?
  4. MMO

    Arios - Back-end Leaked & SQL Dump

  5. MMO

    Ruse Staff Pannel

    Will check this out.
  6. MMO

    LetsPK Package

    Will check this out, probably won't use though. GJ.
  7. MMO

    Valius 171 Re-release

  8. MMO


    Won't download but nice release.
  9. MMO

    Runite - Released

    Ew. Won't use this but will be packed into my hard drive.
  10. MMO

    OSPS (First Version)

    Curious; Would this be something decent to start from as a personal / side project?
  11. MMO

    OSPS (First Version)

    Not really worth a release but thanks I guess.
  12. MMO

    OS-Royale release

    Very nice, finally something new.
  13. MMO

    [317] Kronos Release + Deob


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