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  2. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Feature List Quest plugin system with 40 already made Full world wide map content, full cities with dialogues Flexible shopping system with shop plugin support OSRS bounty hunter OSRS wilderness bosses Wilderness rating award system / killstreaks Over 20 bosses to fight in total Ironman/Ultimate modes Prestige system Bank tabs and Bank security Full screen and resizable All skills working, many perfect Dwarf multicannon Turmoil and Soulsplit Corporeal Beast and Tormented Demons 6 Slayer masters including
  3. The Notorious 317 RSPS Revision Cache Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  4. -Hydra's -Chambers of Xeric -Inferno Boss fight in this release is roughly 90% -All TOB weapons -Some combat changes / rework -New Custom UI to somewhat mimic OSRS (tabs)-New Interface: -Teleport tab was added for QoL purposes -Edited player names above head to look more appealing -Fixed a bug with Zulrah -Fixed total levels not accumulating properly, now displays correctly -Removed old clunky commands -Added commands for all web related things forums, votes, highscores, etc. -Added new items to the starter kits upon login for each game mode -Created a new interface f
  5. RSPS Features: Justicar armor/divine reduces damage taken by 25% Scythe has multi hit Vesta/Statius/Divine has been added Trading post fixed Monthly membership with bonds (Haven't added any benefit besides xp bonus from prestiging. Prestige changes: For every prestige points you achieve (more the higher the prestige is on that skill) the more overall exp you will obtain. Slowly increasing, for non members it will increase the xp gained to a maximum of 3x xp (4x for members). The equation is [(PrestigePoints/275) + 1] I'm doing +1 so it doesn't start giving you l
  6. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Tools: N\A
  7. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Tools: N\A Introduction Apollo is a RuneScape emulator which aims to encourage a fundamentally-different alternative to the way in which private server development is done today. It consists of a high-performance, modular server written in Java as well as a collection of utilities for managing the data files and plugins. Plugins Currently people download a server, read through tutorials and apply their modifications or write their own code on top of it. They'll then host it or release it. The result is we currently ha
  8. Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  9. Download (Contains Server, Client, Login server, SQL files, cache, web files and fixes in a doc): [Hidden Content] Tools: N\A Post below if you have
  10. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Tools: N\A reply below if you have any
  11. Source + Client\Cache [Hidden Content] Command Generator: [Hidden Content] Toms Cache Suite: [Hidden Content] Shop Editor: [Hidden Content] If you would like to add a tool to this thread lmk
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