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  1. Ragefire

    Thank you wil lbe ripping
  2. BeastPK Userbars [PSD]

    Thank you
  3. free services

    Hello, I'm starting a free services thread for vouchers.I'm 24 a computer science major. Self-taught coder, I'm still learning.(PI FREE serverices)Add modelsset up vote and donate server side depends on the script.following any tutorial want.set up the server for you.packing cache.adding drop rate bonus for items(ruse services)cache pack itemsauto donate and vote server side.adjusting the drop ratemaking items wieldable.zipping cache.packing indexes.adding maps ( some maps won't work right if you don't have the right models for it )Private messagem e your discord.
  4. Promotions 2/1/18

    Gratz man, proud of you
  5. [RUSE] - Immortal X

    Thanks man. Some one will have use for this
  6. Yo

    lol noob
  7. OSRS Map Editor

  8. Purgatory-x

  9. Purgatory-x

    [Hidden Content] - Active Community - Friendly Staff Team - Active Updates - Professional Website/Forums - Daily Events - Prestige - Achievements - Dicing - Never seen customs - Highscores - Iron man modes - MiniBosse - Daily updates & events - boss pets - Many More -Dwarf Multi Cannon -Single and Duo Slayer task -Boss Slayer Tasks -Gloabal server Announcements -Working Trivia bot -100% Unlimited Money Pouching storing up to Unlimited -Working Quick Prayers -100% Summoning -Processed Quest tab updating - Custom Pet system -25 skills working fully! -Recieve cash in coin pouch for skilling -Inferno Adze -Burning effect -FULLY working bank tabs and bank system -Skilling Task and Point System -Youtube Management System -Custom Dungeoneering -BOSS PETS -Dicing and Mithril Seeds -New Pest Control System added -Castle Wars system Posted Tuesday at 05:21 PM (edited) Hello, Welcome to Purgatory-x [Hidden Content] play OSRS BOSSES All working skills click skill to teleport to it Ironman,HCIM,ULT IRON man modes Different XP rates Mini-games Achievements Fully working info mini game
  10. Salusscape/OS-War (Client)

    ty source please
  11. Falador