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  1. Madara

    Intervention X 718 Loading 742 - Released

    Fixed Links and Media.
  2. Madara

    Dreamscape made 14m$+

    Dont forget that they made money off of Jagex's Copyrighted content. Jagex can still take them to court and take back every penny. Not to mention if the IRS asks were they got all that money, id love to hear the response they give.
  3. Madara

    176 Data - 317 Format.

    Simply, You replace the config files in your cache with the ones I have provided. You replace them with a cache tool, like Poesys cache tool, or Toms Cache Suite. Place the index folders directly in your cache. Open Client.java look for these methods and uncomment them one at a time. If you run your client with these uncommented out, they will repack that index folder. //repackCacheIndex(1); // models //repackCacheIndex(2); // anims //repackCacheIndex(3); // music //repackCacheIndex(4); // maps Like I said, do each of them one at a time, to assure they repack without issue.
  4. Madara

    176 Data - 317 Format.

    Contents: Items list Npcs list Objects list Working Animations!! Graphics Maps Objects Npcs Items Varbits Sprites Xteas in txt and in JSON format. [Hidden Content]
  5. Madara

    Vencillio/ Valius Text Lag Fix

    Hey everyone, Thought this thread was a little dead so I thought I would start posting some stuff. The text lag everyone is experiencing with the new Valius release can be fixed by going to ClientFrame.java and changing this: if (resizable) { setMinimumSize(new Dimension(766 + insets.left + insets.right, 555 + insets.top + insets.bottom)); } To this: if (resizable) { setMinimumSize(new Dimension(770 + insets.left + insets.right, 560 + insets.top + insets.bottom)); }
  6. Madara

    Ruse Base refilling HP bar fix

    Please provide media of what you are talking about.
  7. Madara


    Thanks for the leak!
  8. Madara


    it is.. its from 2014 rofl.
  9. Madara

    Two Years

  10. Madara

    Two Years

    Hey Everyone, Yesterday was my two year anniversary here at RuneSuite. I wanted to say, the past two years here have been a privilege and an honor. I look forward to even more time with you all, in the releases and servers to come! Lets makes this the best year yet!
  11. Madara


    [Hidden Content] Enjoy.
  12. Madara

    Hello there!

    Thank you for your kind words
  13. Madara

    OS-Royale P.O.S simple question

    @greenthumb I was wrong. It is located in PersonalStore.java
  14. Madara

    New Forum Theme!

    I love it, although wish our shoutbox was back.
  15. Madara

    OS-Royale P.O.S simple question

    If I'm not mistakin, I do not believe there is one. I'm pretty sure it's just a shell, you'll need to add it yourself. If I'm wrong ill reply saying otherwise.

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