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  1. Just gonna give anyone fair warning. If this contains the "Runelite" client, there is supposedly a rat inside. If anything is changed in "Client.java" incorrectly supposedly, it rats your computer. Download at your own risk. Image
  2. Ironic isn't it? He's known to go MIA on projects/services for weeks and weeks, if not a month or more. And here we are, supposedly he is ratting people? Yet he's a part of the "Anti-virus Squad"? This is super ironic lmao.
  3. Nice release man, I'm sure someone will find this useful
  4. Just looking at the media, sure someone will use it
  5. Just wanna take a look at the media, I'm sure someone will use this
  6. Just wanna see the pics, I am sure someone will use this!
  7. Just want to see some media, I'm sure someone will use this
  8. Just wanna see media if there is any, sure someone will use one of these
  9. Just wanting to see some pics of the editor, if no pics, sad ;(
  10. I'm sure someone will find this useful, just want to check out the runlite compatability.
  11. Gonna comment and see if someone posts any media, I'm sure someone will use this.
  12. Just want to see the pictures, I am sure someone will find a use for this!

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