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  1. Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  2. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Media:
  3. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Introduction: BainScape is a 317 server that I've been running for more than three years straight now (I began hosting around June 2009). It was by no means a good server from the beginning, but I've dedicated large amounts of time to fixing and updating it throughout. It was once, I'd say, a somewhat popular server - peaking at around 200 players at its best. But that was a long time ago - time has progressed, and the online presence of my little server continually diminished. I guess I haven't done a very good job with advertising! So I've come here, in an attempt to spread the word, in hopes that people might once again take some interest! The server: Like I said, I began in 2009. I've never switched server/client sources since I began, so I've done my best to keep up to date with the latest hoo-hah. This a server I created with no specific gameplay focus; that is - its not centralized around one thing, be it PKing, skilling or spawning. Instead, I tried to create a diverse selection of activities, allowing players to do as they pleased, making actual progress in what they did, so that the server would have replay value and continuity instead of players becoming bored once they found they had enough of one area of gameplay. I've done my best to do nothing half-way; if I was adding something I'd do it to greatest extent I could manage. And I'll say this now - this server was made using an original DeltaScape source. I won't deny it - it's outdated and awful. However, I honestly believe that I've managed to at least bring it up to speed with the standard of today's common servers; improving and adding countless things - fixing the nightmarish stability as best I could, combat issues that made PKing such a chore, and so on. Features, a quick list: Always online; run on a powerful dedicated server. 24 skills, recently revamped! Unique, never before seen item system. Completely automated; Grand Exchange! 100% Curses & Prayers. A selection of custom quests and storylines! A wonderfully made client with plenty of options, including remembering your account. Complete summoning with pouch creation, scrolls and familiars! Automatic donation system! Achievement diaries (Easy, Hard, Medium, Elite, and Master) PKing system with a live kill-feed, PK points, etc. Full XP counter with fading. Loads of bosses; Nex, Corporeal beast, Bork, Avatar of Destruction, and many more... Warrior's guild, Pest control, Barrows, Fight pits, and more minigames! Custom survival minigame - progress through waves as you get buffed or de-buffed depending upon your performance! Full clan chat with dicing. Overloads & Extreme potions. ...And much more! The server has recently been updated to version 17. But what does this include? Unique item system Nobody's equipment is the same (usually)! Equipment variety is taken to a whole new level; items can have their own unique properties! Make use of condition and attributes to specialize your equipment for any scenario. Below is just one example of two different Abyssal whips. The possible combinations are endless! Wherever you see an item, simply hover your mouse over it to displays its properties! You can find out more about this system here, on the forum. [/SPOILER] Grand Exchange A fully featured, automatic trading-center. Leave up to six sell offers, even while you're logged off! Collect on your sales when you're back. Not interested in coins? You can specify an item you want in exchange for your sale instead. Looking to buy? Searching for items is easy; filter by name, condition and quality to quickly find what you're looking for. [/SPOILER] Colour your Completionist Cape! Admittedly, not the biggest thing in the world. But if you've gotten far enough to wear such a thing, you should be allowed to do so in style! Show off your achievement; pick any colour from an easy-to-use interface and separate yourself from the crowd (everyone can see it!). Works with any Completionist cape/hood, including trimmed. [/SPOILER] Bosses With more than 10 bosses throughout the server, keep yourself busy with a challenge - and don't forget; rare drops. [/SPOILER] Slayer tasks Acquire more points as you complete more tasks - then spend them on various rewards, such as access to special areas, or additional abilities. Alternatively, just avoid those tasks you can't stand any longer! [/SPOILER] PKing Get points for successful player kills - and rack up even more for your killstreaks. Then, spend them on useful equipment at the PKing store! There's also a global killfeed to broadcast your endeavors. [/SPOILER] Skilling Almost every skill was recently reworked to be more streamlined, convenient and of course, be complete with more features. For example, in skills where you create or alter items, you can make use of the Create-X interface to get the job done faster. [/SPOILER] Credits: Where to begin? I've been at it so long that I can't remember everyone I should be thankful to. Fubergen owner blade Galkon Stewie Clienthax SWAT TheElveAge Graham shoodawhoop Magic trick Chaotic United I know I've listed a lot of... famous rune-server personalities here, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't learned or gained anything from these people. Well, they won't even know who I am - but I'm grateful regardless. I'll update this list as I recall others.
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