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  1. Topic closed, if you have downloaded this, please scan your machine.
  2. Like soooo... Remove the X's [X hide] image here [X/hide]
  3. Remember to give credits to @Technotik who has worked tremendously hard on this and myself, if using this for a project or anything of that sort.
  4. Nice format, nice guide. Good job. Maybe use hide/spoiler tags for images, so we can see the instructions little better. [hide] text here [/hide]
  5. Thank you sir, big fan of the revision also.
  6. Play Now Website Oldschool 06 Protocol: 317 Client Build: 15 Game Server version: 1.0 Development lapse: 1 weeks Supported Platforms: Standard Java Applet (Windows and Macintosh compatible) What is Run Escape? A 2006 based ‘realism’ server with a new school feel and client features, a truly enjoyable experience. The nostalgic gameplay will bring you back again. A completely community driven game, the players feedback and suggestions determine the overall major content additions and overall outcome. We strive for a pvp feel but offer over 25+ quests, instant action and all skills complete. You will find this is truest old journey from the past. The game uses the 459 game frame with a custom 459 resizable mode, simply because they just did not have resize at that time. Originally hosted for PVP, this core has a clean record of giving players a great wilderness experience. With flawless switches, great pathfinding and all of the goodies you could ask for when it comes to the challenge of taking out an opponent for some juicy loot. Our economy will be strict and watched over, player must gain items through bossing, pvp, or any means. Those items are up to the players to circulate. We have experience with this and have maintained a stable economy in the past. We plan to schedule weekly updates, so if your in inferno or deep in a raid getting your groove on you wont need to worry about random or frequent updates. We have started this project on a strong foundation and we doubt that we will run into any major issues. Code: currently no posts Credits to everyone who has worked on the server mige trees
  7. Link temporarily removed, someone has reported a virus, it has not been determined so. However for protocol reasons, If you have download this file please scan your computer.
  8. An OSRS Emulation The tales of old school in high definition has been played with time and time again, with a few success stories behind the idea. Me and my partner Technotik have combined efforts in attempt to bring together another great server for us all to enjoy, which of course needed some full high definition features! Our engine is a highly updated hyperion with update server and cross world features, hyperion is a game server suite server which was aimed to provide an excellent, stable, quality base with advanced features. With these components and the complete updating for oldschool data, we feel this is a very competitive and elaborate game environment. What is the smite client protocol? The client is originally a 530 client which was converted by leanbow to use the 464 packet structure and read the 464 cache. Smite's team uses tools to overwrite the data of that cache with everything from inside the oldshool cache, which allows us to update our oldschool cache, then smite cache painlessly with a few clicks. We do not use any data other than oldschool. In a nut shell its an osrs replica with all added benfits of opengl. People can't ever keep things safe, I sold it off to cheap. Smite #170 is now a public repository. Project made by @Technotik and @trees [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  9. elon musk can't drive his truck very well
  10. Looks great, always loved oynx. How did you do the OSRSHD water again? I asked years ago.
  11. for the best of the leakathon please visit: [Hidden Content] Youll Need 20 post count to reply to thread! [Hidden Content] <-- AlveusV2 (some PI shit) [Hidden Content] <-- Archaic - some old popular PI [Hidden Content] <-- Notorious 317 [Hidden Content] <-- AmberRS3 [Hidden Content] <-- Naragi (the one ripped from Allantois) [Hidden Content] <-- BetaScape 498 -- Hyperion based. [Hidden Content] <-- GrinderScape reup [Hidden Content] <-- Guthix Custom RSPS [Hidden Content] <-- IntensePK (Runite [317] based) [Hidden Content] <-- Redrune 666 [Hidden Content] <-- Recent ArteroPK [Hidden Content] <-- SlashScape 317 [Hidden Content] <-- Tekton [Hidden Content] <-- Up to date Zaros 498 [Hidden Content] <-- Zarpor 317
  12. Download (Contains Server, Client, Login server, SQL files, cache, web files and fixes in a doc): [Hidden Content] This is arrav the server before ikov/elkoy with a few touches and content catching up (osrs) you can have yourself a decent ikov

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