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  1. want to check this out for a min thanks
  2. checking into something thanks for this
  3. Just as title says, I am looking for someone to help pack all the latest data into Kronos base as well as help get it all configured and working properly with me. I am needing it all to be packed and configured and working properly (Npcs, Items, Gfx, Anims, Maps; all of it or just what I need for the upcoming content adds is fine). Message back here or @ FP#9884 Thanks ahead of time, have a great day.
  4. So I had come across this source by trying to work with someone before and he ended up deciding to stay solo. Then not much later this person started selling tons of copies of a version of this source without any permission as it was the bud he split with when he made his own project. So I would just like to help and release this and get this out there so he can stop selling content he does not own as well as hopefully some people can make some nice projects out of this! It does have some good potential. It is also fairly easy to learn how to run and modify and hone your developing so best of
  5. want to take a look and see thank you kindly
  6. sweet thanks a lot man. appreciate ya
  7. got mostly setup and stuck now on some things for getting it running on live. someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lmk if ya can help me with this asap FP#9884
  8. wanna see this rq thanks brother
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