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  1. Website l Download l Discord Server is open beta thus prone to have bugs and possible dupes. lStaff Membersl Zen Aku - Owner & map editor/web_developer Plum - Developer Lior - Developer Corp Inc - Community Manager Tatskaaa - Administrator Info: We are using a 06 base, tons of bugs and pretty certain dupes just saying, but we are only in 1 week of beta been fixing a lot of issues and anti-leeches. Server has quests, Full world music and sound effects. Server does not have raids/any-type of updated item as of now. We plan on adding 188 data on here as soon as all bugs are patched. Walk Around Video: Basic Bare Bone Media: Current bugs that are currently being worked on: Zoom in and out do not work. No remove roof button. No prayer/Run/Hp orbs. No ingame shops like any other rsps. No automatic Donator/Vote system in place yet. No clanchat "im aware cc come out in 07" Agility needs some fixing for stamina while running. no full screen or resizable yet. New devs fresh start, didn't want any part of the vencillio source they were working on dumpster-fire no offense to any vencillio devs..
  2. so yea fuck dropbox, been browsing reddit for a ddl site that has pretty good upload size and no expire limits, Key features: No registration Direct linking no expiration Max file size: 4GB Traffic limit: None https://linx.li Proof of it working & also i tried it for client and it works fine.
  3. I dont post much on here, i just patrol the site for spam, i hang out in the discord a lot iv helped a bit of people cough cough including @Ace cheerio.
  4. rspsi and its on here, just dig around. 1.16 is on here just need to find it, unsure if its donator only tho.
  5. Thanks to Waked for making the maps. Saw a few people complain that 624.gz file is missing and rather then explain how to pull it out of cache, rather just release it for people trying to figure out why its happening. I take no credit for this period. What you are getting: Download: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content]
  6. Zenaku


  7. use this tool ive seen some users have issues with vencillio plugin, so here is a plugin that works with vencillio, i fixed the issue, i only want donators to have it because fuck leechers, link: [Hidden Content] Password: Like_My_Post Proof of fix.

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