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  1. thank you for this wasd lloooking for this
  2. hello i would release frozenX its kronos based whitch some mirror updates! how much iknow they fixed bunch of bugs and did start updating osrs data not sure how much they did update it! reason for release: kurdowns and arestic blame other dude who did most of work without any proofs! client-https://mega.nz/file/KSAQzLgJ#tRh_vIno-rP_BIsMj8L4wIbKp13kat1rUtFC_y-ljyI the rest of file-https://mega.nz/file/zLAAXJRD#qGEZrTPn6Fenjok2rXd25FZ0S94zrrWjWkjiuoa_J7g enjoj
  3. Looks awesome cant wait to play on it.
  4. download link:skyfire317 Check our new features below! Spoiler for Skyfire features V2: - Max combat level is 255 - Max skill level is 168 - Warding skill to upgrade your gear - New upgrade zones - Auto train certain skills - Divination skill to gather resources and make bank - Luck skill to help you with adventures - PvM skill to make every boss you fight worth it - Archeology skill that unlocks many useful accessories - Safe gambling - Esc to close interfaces, OSRS hotkey
  5. its beacause he scamming everyone and he think if he create new accc then i not be able track him lol
  6. Thanks you, good desing. I need download this
  7. Shady

    Simple RSPS Homepage

    thank you for this release might use for my site
  8. sounds awesome will be checking out momentarily
  9. use norse what is released on runesuite it has mobile source also