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Everything posted by Anarchy

  1. Today, we have released Basilisk knights along with the Neitiznot faceguard, as well as some improvements to the Nightmare boss and a couple of bugfixes!
  2. Maintained by professional developers who aim to bring the highest quality content to their community. Constantly improving, 100% uptime, dozens of minigames, every single OSRS boss, boss pet, skilling pet, slayer monster, always adding the latest content. World's most advanced Grand Exchange - Raids I & II - Alchemical Hydra - Vorkath - Skotizo - Cerberus - Revenant Caves and so much more!
  3. You mean in the shops? Yes, you can only buy 1,000 at a time to prevent players from buying everything in a single click, while still allowing to buy like 100,000 of any item without too much effort. The shops refill very quickly, however, so this is never an issue either way.
  4. We have released another update with some bugfixes along with the ability to do a "boss room only" raid. Players often find it boring to have to do an entire raid, so now we have a new mode where players only need to kill the boss in order to reach the chest.
  5. We have released yet another update containing some much needed bugfixes and improvements. We're also hosting a Raids weekend from 13 to 16 September. +50% bonus raid points in both Raids I and II. Join now!
  6. Another couple of minor bugfixes released yesterday, along with the addition of some much needed supplies in our supply store (sharks, brews, super restores and karambwans).
  7. We have released another update today containing some bugfixes: https://forums.anarchyps.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=880
  8. Join us at anarchyps.org Welcome to the advertisement thread of my server! Anarchy is owned and maintained by professional developers who aim to bring high quality content to their community. Constantly striving for perfection, we take a lot of feedback from our community to improve our server, fix any bugs as they are encountered and add lots of quality of life features to make life more enjoyable. We are an economy server with a lot of PvM, PvP and skilling features, based on a 317 source with up-to-date OSRS content. Some of our notable features are as follows: ✔ Automated, scam-free flower poker minigame ✔ First server with a fully working Nightmare boss ✔ Perfect Grand Exchange ✔ G.E. interface to buy/sell items as if in a shop ✔ Full Inferno ✔ Theatre of Blood ✔ Full Raids ✔ Vorkath ✔ Custom hotkeys ✔ Revenant Caves ✔ Karuulm slayer dungeon with Alchemical Hydra ✔ 40+ OSRS Bosses with their pets ✔ All skills properly worked out ✔ All skilling pets ✔ 250+ Achievements ✔ Dwarf multicannon ✔ Rune pouch ✔ Imbued god capes ✔ And so much more to discover Media: Automated, scam-free flower poker Nightmare Grand Exchange G.E. Set up buy offer G.E. Interface for immediate buying/selling Full Inferno Alchemical Hydra Vorkath Custom hotkeys Theatre of Blood Full Raids Revenant Caves A constantly growing community
  9. Anarchy


    Hi everyone, my name is Anarchy (also known as Lawless), the owner of the RSPS Anarchy. I've been a part of RSPS development for quite some time. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of Runesuite before, but better late than never :D I hope to see more of this community and see what I can learn.

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What is a RSPS?

A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.


Runesuite is not affiliated with runescape, jagex, rune-server and runelocus in any way & exists solely for educational purposes.

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