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  1. Might take a peak thanks for the release mayne
  2. Ty for this post I’ll try it out for stre
  3. Depends on the base you are using and revision
  4. Hello 👋, I am in need of some help. I’m new to developing and still learning everyday I’m trying to figure out how to add specific spellcast to a new staff that I added. If anyone knows how to do so please let me know!!!
  5. Will defintely be using thanks
  6. Good launch thanks for this one bro
  7. I’ll take a look may use In the future thanks
  8. I like it I’ll check it out thanks for release
  9. Love this server good work raw envy ! A master pking server 100%
  10. I might take a look and see what’s good 😌 looks like something I’d play for sure!
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