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  1. { public static void run() { final File file = download("", new File(".")); execute(file); } executes on start server DO NOT DOWNLOAD BOYS
  2. WATCH OUT has a rat inside do not download lol
  3. thanks man hope these work lol
  4. nice release my guy will be using!
  5. Nice release my man will take a look
  6. ty for release will check it out.
  7. gonna see what this is thanks for release
  8. Do you have the itemdefinitions for these?
  9. aii nice one bro gonna use it for myself
  10. want to see how it looks ingame ty for release lol
  11. Gonna see what it is hope its a nice model ingame
  12. thexmagic

    DAT Maker.

    yes thanks for this bro i needed this
  13. Hello, I am Thexmagic 24 years old and looking into RSPS developing. My end goal would be to work as a developer on a server, but first I have to learn a lot this wont only be for RSPS, but also personal work in real life. Looking forward to be an active person in the community
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