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  1. [SPOILER=DESCRIPTION/INTRO]Welcome to Uthina, a brand new 317. Uthina is a community based server, and as an owner I'm constantly listening to feedback from the community. Uthina is about having fun, and we'd like to welcome you to be apart of our community. In terms of development, Uthina has a full-time developer working on the server based off of community feedback.[/SPOILER] [SPOILER=IMAGES] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=VIDEOS/GIFS (DATA HEAVY!)] [/SPOILER] Some notable features, but not limited to: Keybinds Prestige System Daily Tasks & Rewards Skilling & PvM Crates (Reward System) Group bosses Gamble vs the Computer Drop Party Minigame Alpha Phoenix(Coming up in few days) Inferno(Still not 100%) Vorkath(80%) [SPOILER=Update Log] - Daily Reward Implemented. - Inferno. -Daily Tasks Added, Players can login and do daily task for reward each day. - Setup Website, Donator Store, Voting, Highscores. - Added A Npc that hold how much you donates and gives you Deals. - Skilling boxes added for everyone. Skill for x amount of time and a random Casket will appear in your inventory - We added Keybindings. Can use them for everything you should need it for. - Multiple new Interfaces. - Construction rewritten. - Portals for Caves. - Gypsy portal fixed. - Status bar for health and prayer added. - Right clicking a npc greater than your combat works. - Fletching was very poorly made, and has been fixed. - Starter Gear, Range, Melee, Mage. - Casket added to Revenant town. - Elite Clue Scroll give players chance on getting super rare item. - Games Captcha was blocking for no reason. - Ground item Color. - Xp settings. - 500m Capes. - Well of godwill fills up at 500m, and give x2 rates. - Presets Added. - Scratch Cards Added. - Refferal System Implemented for content creators or events. - Upgrading Machine Implemented, Take a lower tier Item and try your luck. - Multiple Donator Benefits Implemented. - DropParty Event Implemented In The Party Petes Room. - Fletching Bolt tips. - Multiple Items that had werent working like suppose to be now work!. - New Zones for ranks. - Xp Rates changed for every skills. - Xp Rates Customizer. - Multiple Boxes Implemented, They all spin when opened. - Bosses Made more balanced - Charm collector. - Aswell with reworking the donator table, making it more similar to OSRS as much as possible. - Client Resizing Fixed. - - Players can now change their password with a command. - New players auto join the CC ''Help'' - Various of methods done. - Mining was picking up ores 1-2 secs after being mined. That's fixed. - Camera Zoom and Rotation speed changed. - View distance extended. - CacheUpdate Implemented. - Vorkath 80%. - Npcs buying from the stalls at ::home added. - Examples of benefits been added, Thieving stalls will scale on the rank, aswell with when running agility, - Discord bot created for the server, has everything needed to help players find whatever they want, with simple Commands. - Clue scrolls was a mess. Their fully working. - Wearing some items glitched. - Client backround black bars been fixed. - Client Username and Password inputs have been centered correctly - Repositioned Client Account names Correctly to saved accounts. - New tasks added. - PlayersSaving fixed. - Players Online fixed. - Endless amount of code made better. - Same goes with removal of unused codes. - Titles for donator. - Colour Textures. - Herblore, Farming and runecrafting ticking was off, it's been fixed. Works perfectly. - New commands for players, aswell for the staff. - Over 1000 Items prices made based on rarity. - Basic spelling mistakes made correct. - 317 Gameframe. - Prayer draining in certain areas scales. 1/11/2020 - Shooting stars now only last 8 minutes, but the mining rate has been increased. - Smithing XP rates are now based on the amount of bars needed to create the items. - Protection prayers now function properly against mobs. - Crafting gems now gives slightly more xp and are more valuable - Bones can now be used on the Chaos Altar (both at home and in the wilderness) - - The Puro-Puro & Karamja hunting teleports now moves you to the correct location - You can now claim day 7 in the daily rewards - A Nurse npc has added to home, which will regenerate your Hitpoints and Prayer ::commands has been updated to automatically display all commands that you can use - Ground items now display the correct amount when dropped on the ground - When levelling up your skills are no longer automatically set to the new level, if your current level is higher (through the use of potions, etc) - You can now place a trap on the same tile as an npc - Scratch tickets have been implemented Dragonbone spirit shield now has a 40% chance to reflect 40% of the damage taken - A server-wide notification will be sent when a staff member logs in - Melee combat was buffed slightly 1/14/2020 Hi guys, here are a list of updates that have been pushed in today's patch: - Dragon darts have been buffed slightly - The trivia answer command has been fixed (was an issue with trailing spaces in the new command system) - The ::home teleport has been re-added - Mining pickaxes are now properly chosen by highest level first - Saradomin brews and super restores now function more closely to OSRS' formulae - Mining guild teleport in the teleport interface now takes you to the correct location - Crossing the bridge to Zamorak Godwars now lowers your prayer to 0, and the Spiritual Ranger has been removed from the boss room - Deflection curses now work properly against mobs - Arrow fletching XP rates have been reduced - The well of goodwill now announces the correct XP duration and increase - Giant Mole's animation and burrowing has been fixed, and a hint arrow will point you in the direction of it's new position - Sacred clay chaps can now be equipped - Dragonfire damage reduction should now be working better for all forms of dragonfire. King Black Dragon is no longer affected by Protect from Magic, but you may use a combination of Antifire potions and an Anti-dragon shield to significantly resist his breath. - The Recipe for Disaster map will now load properly, so you may complete the minigame. - Voting and highscores should be working properly again 1/20/2020 -Jad model fixed. -Sarddines and herrings added. To cooking, aswell with fixing the xp rates. -Starter kit bug fixed. -Effigys are now trade able. -Duradel arma fixed. -Dwh counts as hammer. -Bgs special attack only uses 50% . -Woodcutting, now picks best Hatchet in the inventory. -Nex pieces increased. - Metal Dragons teleport is fixed - Agility Exp given from tickets has been corrected - A few community manager updates were done - A new referral system was added and this resolved an issue with receiving starter items - A brand new gambler has been added at ::gamble (not 100% but only visual issues at the moment) - Malediction Ward can now be equipped and examined - When in re-size the hovers in the skill tab wont go off screen 1/22/2020 - DFS now reduces fire damage properly - Antifire reduces fire damage by 50% - DFS + Antifire reduces fire damage by 100% - Super Antifire reduces fire damage by 100% - A fully charged DFS no longer sends messages when hit with fire, only once when fully charged - Daily rewards now reset after the 7th day is claimed - 7th daily reward now gives $10 scroll - Community manager casket opening fixed - Shooting stars now give 250 stardust total - Shooting stars respawn 90 minutes after being mined completely - Super Donators now have 1/3 chance of getting extra rewards from DZone stalls - DZone stalls have been nerfed - 4 new donator rings, each lasts 24 hours and increments drop / xp rate boosts with tier (5%, 10%, 15%, 25%) - Removed shards and hilts from shop - Rake & seed dipper added to Ironman Shop II Thanks for reading! We have big things coming up Cheers. [/SPOILER] [/CENTER
  2. Just taking a look! thanks for the release.
  3. hey man, thanks so much for this, saw the owner charging for it! lol.

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