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  1. Sounds like youll fit in - welcome to RuneSuite 😅
  2. Lation

    hello there

    Welcome to RuneSuite
  3. Lation

    Showing off my PC

    My first ever PC build, so far 😅
  4. This is the introduction section, not the advertisement section 😅 Welcome to RuneSuite nonetheless!
  5. Best of luck however more media would be a great improvement, 3 is a bit under-whelming. Also, your Discord invite link is invalid, I would highly recommend updating that. PS: I updated your media links to display the image itself instead of a link.
  6. Lation


    Welcome to RuneSuite, glad to have ya!
  7. Lation


    Welcome, enjoy your time here & glad to have ya.
  8. Hey everybody, It is with honor I've been promoted to Moderator on RuneSuite! Let me introduce myself a little bit for those who don't know me.. My name is Lation & I've been involved with RSPS for nearly 12 or more years by now. I've ran and been involved with a select few servers over time, some of you may remember; Zarpor. That is my team. We currently manage another server at this time, some of which you guys may be familiar with. Other than that there isn't much too discuss other than my interest in what is RuneSuite. I've been around this site for some time & have been very interested in helping this community continue it's growth trajectory since I've joined. RuneSuite shows a lot of potential and has already gained tremendous traction and I am more than happy to be apart of this site & it's Team. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you more, so drop a comment or @ me on the Discord! I can be found all over
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