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  1. Welcome to PoonScape. A World of Oldschool players, The rebirth has begun. If your looking for Shrek and Hulk bosses, Lightsabers and Machineguns.. your looking at the wrong server. PoonScape has just begun, A mostly PVM server with all slayer including wildy slayer, Many bosses with grindable rewards. A very balanced server with a great economy. The server has Raids 1 & 2, fight caves and many bosses. All skills fully working other than construction. We have achievements, drop table, achievement diarys, boss pets, skill pets, loads of Minigames, Dicing, Duel arena and Catacombs w/ skotizo. There is so much to do on PoonScape. Also for those judging the name i love Poon and i love Runescape so you cant really go wrong, Its really about the content anyway and aslong as my players are enjoying themselves i'm happy. We also have Ironman, Ultimate ironman and Extreme gamemodes and we allow dual logging. Play Now! Check out our Discord for Announcements, Update Logs, Help and just basic chatter. [Hidden Content] Check out our Forums for Staff Applications, Guides, Update Logs and Events. [Hidden Content] Some videos for content: [video=youtube;sG6MgC-xpF0][Hidden Content]] [video=youtube;v_E14eF5o10][Hidden Content]] Special thanks to: G00N CED WHOEVER ELSE WORKED ON ASCEND ARCHON (GFX Client BG) Have fun Smidge
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