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  1. Lets see this, haven't used dawntained before.
  2. Hey there. I'm here to show you how to make your server run on Docker using a Linux host. Now, there are a lot of variables here that need to be considered but we're going to run with the 2 most basic types of setups here: Server running solely with docker-compose (can somewhat be integrated with Git CI's, preferably use images though). Server running with built images (can be integrated with Git CI's). The first set we will go through is using docker-compose. But first, we need to setup Docker, right? So let's go and do that. But, do checkout my Gist for useful things for
  3. I mean, Docker has insanely good documentation so I don't know why anyone would have these questions. But, if you have Linux users who don't know how to use it and just copy-paste everything, can see it being a problem.
  4. This is easy and already being done, I've implemented this into two RSPS already. I'll look into posting a customizable version onto my gist soon.
  5. Another one for the tool repo, thank you.
  6. Thank you for this mate. Trying to build up my tool list of different versions. Edit: Looks like the links not working.
  7. Needed a more up to date revision so appreciated.
  8. Needed a more up to date revision so appreciated.
  9. Xanmashi

    Big L

    RIP Big L man. Love his '98 freestyle and School days, two of my favourites from him. Wish Harlem wasn't that bad so we could thrive off this music now.
  10. Nice man, wish you good luck on this.
  11. Xanmashi


    You got a new link bro? This one is down it seems.