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  1. wow this is awesome thank you wow this is awesome thank you
  2. thank you for this, checking out now, will report back on how i feel about it
  3. siccoblue

    Vorkath -

    ill be looking into implementing this, good on you for releasing my dude
  4. worked great, thank you
  5. good luck man, hope this goes well for you
  6. this is fantastic thank you, im going to use this as a base for my next project
  7. siccoblue


    it can be daunting at first, but there is a ton of information and tutorials to get you going on it
  8. i would love some examples of your work, i actually need a few things done
  9. i like pdn personally
  10. thank you so much for this
  11. yeah seriously unlikely
  12. looks decent, ill give it a try later on today
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