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  1. siccoblue

    Crandor - The #1 Pre EOC Server! [RELEASE]

    wow this is awesome thank you wow this is awesome thank you
  2. siccoblue

    Crandor - The #1 Pre EOC Server! [RELEASE]

    wow this is awesome thank you
  3. siccoblue

    Vernox release (Lost-Isle based)

    thank you for this, checking out now, will report back on how i feel about it
  4. siccoblue

    Vencillio/Valius 'Time Played'

    nice thank you
  5. siccoblue

    Vorkath -

    ill be looking into implementing this, good on you for releasing my dude
  6. siccoblue

    Dialogue Delay

    worked great, thank you
  7. siccoblue

    [#154] Atlas - Journey awaits

    good luck man, hope this goes well for you
  8. siccoblue

    EndlessPK - OSRS PvP Server (Previously OSPvP)

    this looks pretty good my dude
  9. siccoblue

    DreamScape Homepage

    this is fantastic thank you, im going to use this as a base for my next project
  10. siccoblue


    it can be daunting at first, but there is a ton of information and tutorials to get you going on it
  11. siccoblue

    Teddy's Graphics outlook

    i would love some examples of your work, i actually need a few things done
  12. siccoblue

    Ms.Paint or Gimp

    i like pdn personally
  13. siccoblue

    [317] Poesy700's Cache Tool

    thank you so much for this
  14. siccoblue


    yeah seriously unlikely
  15. siccoblue


    looks decent, ill give it a try later on today

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