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  1. We are currently under taking one of the biggest updates of Serenity! Come check out the sneak peek http://serenity-ps.com
  2. Thanks ill be checking this out bro , had it for a while to
  3. Checking it out thanks mate for the release! 👍
  4. Checking it out bro ,thanks for the release
  5. Checking now thanks for the release bro
  6. SerenityRSPS A Hybrid Between OSRS/Pre RS2 Serenity is a wonderfull server wich has enough content to keep you going for months to come! we have active staff and developers who will help you on your journey! We currently have 30 Bosses, 15 Minigames we focus on skilling & Pvming and we have tons of custom items. Are you looking for an active to small community and would love to give you own input? join us! we have a solid refferal system in place so you get rewarded When you invite your friends to play serenity! Current Promotion 3 Free Mystery Boxes for unique new users. $500 Giveaway Join us now! https://discord.gg/BTHz3dh Play now : https://serenity-ps.com Store : https://serenity-ps.comstore/ Discord : https://discord.gg/BTHz3dh Highscores : https://serenity-ps.com/highscores/ https://youtu.be/dvT5TrrK0Pc https://youtu.be/Ko3sScC1tuQ
  7. nice release man! will have a look thanks.
  8. Thanks for the release ,ima check it out! 👍
  9. Server Engine Rework , Rewrote some of the packets . update Netty , Active Development! Small community , First 5 Players who come online get donator status + $10 in Donator Credits

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Lumbridge Castle




What is a RSPS?

A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.


Runesuite is not affiliated with runescape, jagex, rune-server and runelocus in any way & exists solely for educational purposes.

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