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  1. Meto

    Ruse V2 - Released

    Thanks for releasing!
  2. Meto

    [RUSE] - Immortal X

    Gonna use the custom npc's seems like a neat feature to have on a server, thank you!
  3. Meto

    DeviousPk Release - Let's go!

    Definitely gonna try to code with this one
  4. Meto


    Thank you for releasing this!
  5. Meto

    Clean Project Insanity

    Thanks for the release!
  6. Meto

    RSPS Youtube Tutorials

    Would definitely love that, Thank you!
  7. Meto

    FREE SEO BOOST (expired)

    These are dead, are there any new ones?
  8. Meto

    Ps4 Vs Xbox One

    I've owned every PlayStation and never regretted it, so PlayStation all the way
  9. Love Pk Servers, Will definitely try it out!
  10. Just give me the $500, Thanks :), Jk server looks nice, Might join it after testing a few others
  11. Meto

    Medium-Long term goal

    Hope everything goes well

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