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  1. Divine potions now hurt you as they should. Added fossil island teleport/Wyven cave teleport While cutting logs you can now make javs/arrow shafts with all logs. Re-Fixed Basilisk Knight's so they don't drain stats while wearing the V's Shield. Achievements have been added, you can view them by clicking the purple icon inside the quest tab/server menu. Brimstome keys have been added to more npcs, just like osrs. Mage bank lever fixed. PvP Armors have been added to the rev drop table. Vorkath now counts towards blue dragon slayer task. Alchemical Hydra now has a kill count. Tutorial Fixed. Fixed accounts getting nulled while choosing apperence before going through the guide. Amethyst minable Many more updates have been made since then, i have not added them. Mainly because i forgot, oof.
  2. Prifiddinas has been completed (mostly, still some work to be done throughout the next few updates), this updates includes the entire town of Prifddinas and the farming patches/agility courses. new npc's were added that you can pickpocket, requiring 85 thieving. Added Prifiddinas farming teleport. Added Prifiddinas rooftop agility course teleport. Wrath runes are now craftable at 95 runecrafting. All runecrafting altar teleports have been added to the wizarda at home. Fixed exp over all gamemodes, some were a little broken/op.
  3. Mining inside the Trahaearn Mine has a chance of giving crystal shards. Cutting trees inside Prifddinas has a chance of giving crystal shards. Iorwerth Dungeon has been added Npc's inside Iorwerth Dungeon have a chance of dropping crystal shards. Combat Tutor at home can now reset stats. First version of raids has been added!
  4. Wilderness Boss Events have been completely recoded giving you blood money for damage death, view quest tab for information on this. Fixed quite a bit of clue scrolls with their incorrect npc id and questions. Removed PvP Instance Portal name from rooftop agility course. Re-added option two and renamed the loyalty chest as it should be. Re-Fixed Edgeville's Dungeon gates. Fixed droprates for wild weapons from revenants. Fixed a clue answer, removed the comma so it's now completable. Added donator scrolls in-game for easier donator rank access. Fariy nuff added for another clue. Defenders will now be obtained easier than before, twice as easy. You can now withdraw items directly from the bag in the wilderness, mainly for UIM. Redone :layers command. Amulet of avarice will now note items from wilderness monsters. Bone sack will now auto bank/pickup ensouled heads. Can now reset combat stats with the combat tutor at home.
  5. Finished re-coding the wilderness boss event, come online and check it out! Added tons of new npc's to prif but not quite done yet.
  6. Fixed buying from Ironmen's Sigmund shop. Fixing donator blood money multiplication while mining in the wilderness. Dragon hunter crossbow and lance now have their correct bonus damage towards dragons. Added Basilisk knights attack and death animations. This also comes with their magic agility. (Working on their special attack) Fixed Edgeville dungeon gates. Bracelet of Ethereum will now give back ether. Removed the level 39 Revenant teleport from the wizard and made the Revenent teleport go to the level 39 cave entarence to give the item meaning. Max cape now cost 2.277m instead of 10m. Fixed crystal mining animation, still looking for harpoon/woodcutting. Fixed some of the ores object after they're mined. They will not longer just disappear. Skillcape shop has been added to home. Random casket drops and boss casket drops now give more gp than before. Sigmund sells some herblore supplies for ironmen. Fixed Harry's fishing shop in Cathery. Fixed Jatix's herblore shop in Taverly. Druids in Taverly are now attackable. Brutal green dragons are now attackable. Tutorial has been redone and fixed. Fixed stamina potion Runelite timer plugin. Lowered drop rate for Dragon Warhammer. Added Prifddinas's mine, Trahaearn mine. Added Prifddinas's farming patches
  7. All the crystal seeds have been added, which includes the weapon, armor and tool seeds. These can be exchanged with Ilfeen at home to pick which kind of crystal upgrade you'd like. General store right-click option added to the general store NPC at home. Agility Runelite highlights fixed. Added Jormungand's Prison cave to the teleports with the new NPC Basilisk Knight dropping the new Basilisk Jaw to create the Netiznot Faceguard. Brimstone chest and keys have been added, along with Konar, the slayer master is now usable. Redone tons of new NPC's to fit the new data our server has. I also fixed a few items alongside this. New Edgeville home. Hydra, purple, and turquoise slayer helms now work as they're supposed too. Basilisk Knight's are now aggressive. Few more things I forgot and I'll be adding to the list as I remember.
  8. Wow.. an actual release of a full functioning server that wasn't just some random leech. Respect bro thanks for the contribution!
  9. Looking for an entire team. Feel free to pm for more details; Game Developer: Myself, N/A GFX Developer: Chris, N/A Website Developer: Zeeks, N/A Map Developer: Myself, N/A Community Manager: Myself, N/A Administrator: Zeeks, Tyler, N/A Moderator: Beast, N/A Helper: Shitted lol, Fool, N/A, N/A Introduction Revision: 184 Mystic-ps is an osrs private server targeted to give you a realism feeling. Expect this server to be extremely similar to osrs in many ways, but still have the private server feel. About Mystic Mystic has been underdevelopment for while now. With our brand new development team, we plan to give you the players the best experience possible! Mystic Progression Combat: Switching Prayer NPC/Player Pathing Specials Skilling: Attack Strength Defence Ranged Prayer Magic Runecrafting Hitpoints Crafting Mining Smithing Fishing Cooking Firemaking Woodcutting Agility Herblore Thieving Fletching Slayer Farming Construction Hunter Minigames: Barrows Wintertodt Duel Arena Fight caves Inferno Pest Control Pvp Tournaments Chambers of Xeric Theatre of Blood The Gauntlet Bosses: Zulrah Corporal Beast Alchemical Hydra Godwars Dagganoth Kings Chaos Fanatic Chaos Elemental Kalphite Queen Callisto Venenatis Vet'ion Kraken Vorkath Abbyssal Sire Mimic Cerberus Miscellaneous: Grand Exchange Collection Log Ironmen Modes Realism Mode

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A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.

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