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  1. 'Kyle

    Zivas 60$ Sale Model Released

    Oooooohhhh! Much appreciated, man!
  2. 'Kyle

    OSRS Map Editor

    Very nice! Definitely going to give this thing a peek-a-boo.
  3. 200+ active members a day, and a huge content base. I have been playing it for a few months and love its appeal. Great job, guys!
  4. 'Kyle

    Ps4 Vs Xbox One

    I grew up on PS1. You know, the old school one. You could plug it into a cigar lighter in the vehicle, flip the screen up on it and play your game! It was portable! I believe this system was way before its time. Although, over the years as PS introduced the PSP and so forth, they've stuck with the same old user interface that is so boring. Recently, about a few years now, I switched to XB1. It is much more user friendly and they have some great opportunities -such as streaming via Mixer and a GUI with much more appeal. So, I vote for XB1! Although, lets be honest, PC beats the both of them -and always will.
  5. 'Kyle

    Fav quote so far

    "You cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree..."
  6. You know those pesky little rocks and bushes that you'd like to add around for some more aesthetic appeal? But there is an issue ...you aren't quite sure as to how to obtain the idea of the object, being that you cannot right-click and examine in debug-mode. Well, here you go! Hope this helps. case "objdebug": System.out.println("Standing on " + World.getObject(player)); Region r = World.getRegion(player.getRegionY() | (player.getRegionX() << 8)); if (r == null) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Region is null!"); return true; } List<WorldObject> objects = r.getObjects(); if (objects == null) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Objects are null!"); return true; } for (WorldObject o : objects) { if (o == null || !o.matches(player)) { continue; } System.out.println("Objects coords: " + o.getX() + ", " + o.getY()); System.out.println("[Object]: id=" + o.getId() + ", type=" + o.getType() + ", rot=" + o.getRotation() + "."); } return true;
  7. 'Kyle

    SwitchItemslook command 

    Hey, thanks! I will definitely be adding this.
  8. I am currently working on a project that is in beta mode, known as Apocalypse RS. It is a zombie survival themed server. I would like to hire someone to record some footage in-game and create a few videos and post them, advertising the server.
  9. 'Kyle

    Selling/Trading RS3 Santa Hat

    Hello, I have a santa hat which I am looking to trade on RS3 for some items in OSRS or even GP. Please post here and I will respond.
  10. We are LIVE for BETA testing! Notice: This should go without saying, although I will say it anyways, we are in BETA mode. There will be some bugs/glitches; this is to be expect. Please do NOT hesitate to take notes and inform us of any issues, via discord, as we currently do NOT have a website. Thank you! For more information on this release, please few the following project thread. Join our official discord! [Hidden Content] Download the client! [Hidden Content]
  11. 'Kyle

    Nexus 3 | 896 Project

    Still waiting for pictures and updates of this project! Sounds pretty sick imo.
  12. 'Kyle

    Despawning thieving stalls...

    You're supposed to thieve a stall, the stall respawns a temporary empty stall object for "x" amount of seconds, then the original stall comes back. So the original cached map objects -such as the ones in Draynor or East Ardougne- will respawn the stall with the items after the allotted time has been met. Yet, with spawned in thieved stalls, this seems to not work. I have added some stalls around varrock, fally, etc. Whenever you thieve the stall, it will spawn the temporary empty stall. Although, after its time to respawn the stall with the items it will despawn completely... This is frustrating me. Any ideas? (P.S. Seed stall at Draynor works, but not anywhere I have spawned it) Here are some gifs of what is supposed to happen: Instead, right before the stall comes back, it despawns. This method is involved, albiet I doubt it is the culprit. public static void handleStalls(final Player player, final WorldObject object) { // if (player.getAttackedBy() != null && player.getAttackedByDelay() > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { // player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You can't do this while you're under combat."); // return; // } for (final Stalls stall : Stalls.values()) { if (stall.getObjectId() == object.getId()) { final WorldObject emptyStall = new WorldObject( stall.getReplaceObject(), 10, object.getRotation(), object.getX(), object.getY(), object.getPlane()); if (player.getSkills().getLevel(Skills.THIEVING) < stall .getLevel()) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "You need a thieving level of " + stall.getLevel() + " to steal from this.", true); return; } if (player.getInventory().getFreeSlots() <= 0) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "Not enough space in your inventory.", true); return; } player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(881)); player.lock(2); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { boolean gaveItems; @Override public void run() { // prevents multiempty stall spawn if many ppl using // same spot and also checks if stall there still if (!World.getRegion(object.getRegionId()) .containsObject(object.getId(), object)) { stop(); return; } if (!gaveItems) { player.getInventory().addItem( stall.getItem(Utils .getRandom(stall.item.length - 1)), Utils.getRandom(stall.getAmount())); player.getSkills().addXp(Skills.THIEVING, stall.getExperience()); gaveItems = true; checkGuards(player); } else { World.spawnTemporaryObject(emptyStall, (int) (1500 * stall.getTime())); stop(); } } }, 0, 0); } } }
  13. 'Kyle

    Vorkath -

    So you're going to continue working with this project?.. Or are you just releasing for the public to utilize, seeing as it was a paid project that you were hired to do?
  14. 'Kyle

    Hello, world.

    Hey, much obliged! I hope to enjoy my time here with everyone and learn quite a bit, as well as share some knowledge!
  15. 'Kyle

    Obtaining a YouTube Rank

    How about for a Mixer streamer?

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