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  1. thanks for sharing man appreciate
  2. my discord is josher#6124 feel free to add me
  3. Buying RSPS .sql databases/ingame &char files forum databases preferably but i am also interested in parsed ingame user databases and character files. (char files must have user:pass but hashed/encrypted passwords are fine no issue) let me know what you have for potential sales got a old rsps and want to scrap it for cash? let me know new ,old doesen't matter to me for char files depending if encryption,format,age and source i will pay 1-5$ per 1000 char files. forum databases are more negotiable and I can pay pretty well for some
  4. thanks gonna check it out looks good
  5. been curious about RSC the servers they run seem gigantic seems like a cool project
  6. thanks man this is a huge share appreciate it really
  7. josh555

    Impact-RS - Leaked

    good shit is this the full website?
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