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  1. OK so dreamscape source was released and i was just browsing through the files and i saw those sql donation filesso i was curious how much money these folks make and i wrote a dirty python script to calculate that for me*note i assumed nobody would ever donate more than 30000$ so i made it so if the amount of donation in a transaction is over 30k i wont add that to the totalheres the script: Code: split1 = "INSERT INTO `paymentauthenticity`(`id`, `totalPrice`, `checkoutId`, `storeId`) VALUES (" total = 0 def handle_line(line: str): global idx global total firstsplit = line.split(split1[1:])[1] amount = int(firstsplit.split(",")[1]) if amount < 30000: total += amount print(total) with open("paymentauthenticity.sql", "r") as ins: for line in ins: handle_line(line) the file says they made 6863583 dollarsand thats only since they implemented the sql donation system till the end of jan. 2019don't forget about RSGP donations, i would say these people made over 10 million dollars overalland for those who would say that the file is fake, its obviously not
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