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  1. If I have helped you and and you feel you wish to spread your trust of me and my ability as a developer, please post it here for others to see =D. Thanks. If you need help setting up any source, I am always free to help. I will not spoon feed but I am willing to help you learn. I am not the best and sometimes it takes a while to figure out new things. That is just the beauty of learning.
  2. i got this working 100% online, if anyone needs help fixing some errors hit me up on discord ItzJoosh#5200 If your feeling lazy ill do it for you and you can pay me =D
  3. kingfoxs launcher was nice, and this one will be a good base to use
  4. gonna need these thanks for this.
  5. good stuff man! valius is okay but its been developed for so long now. good work to divine
  6. its sad kingfox quit working on these, he did a really good job
  7. i love the torva set, these recolours are well done aswell
  8. i was just thinking about making these and boom you already did, bloody legend.

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