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  1. Tropix

    Client Launcher

  2. Working on a new project, looking to go in beta around a few days! Need Beta Testers And Staffs. -Vorago -Arraxor -Amazing Prestige Systems -Custom donator zones with donator benefits -Beginnerfriendly moneymakers -Dicing -Active Pking -100% Clan Chat -Perfect PVM Experience -Trimmed completionist cape -Masters Capes -Ge -All Skills Working -15 MiniGames< -Zombie MiniGame - Prestige Website!; [Hidden Content] Join discord now! [Hidden Content] "By the Players, For the Players." Medias; Soon
  3. Tropix

    Rspsi 3D Map Editor V1.13

    @godaddy you won't selling anything here. trying to make cash with others people work lol
  4. Tropix

    Ascend-Rsps /Release enjoy guys!

    @unknownentity change ip in demandfletcher something like that, it's an anti leech. by the way, this server is laggy as hell, nothing work on it. there dupes, npc's is buggy as fuck don't use this lol
  5. Tropix

    [718/742] RuneStorm - Released

  6. Tropix

    Rspsi 3D Map Editor V1.13

    Any time enjoy boys
  7. Difficulty: 1/10Tested on: Project InsanityClasses modified: PlayerAssistant.javaStart off by opening your PlayerAssistant.java class. Then search for: public void handleLoginText() { You will notice a bunch of codes. So let me explain. c.getPA().sendFrame126("Monster Teleport", 1300); What this code does is that it goes to the Client class, then get's the sendFrame method from the PlayerAssistant class, then sends a frame to the server to the assigned ID and changes it's text.If you played the PI base, you'll notice that in the modern spellbook, they have a teleport called "Monster Teleport", right? The ID used here (1300) is the name of the Varrock teleport, so this code changes the normal "Level 20: Varrock Teleport" to the text you wish it to be, in this case "Monster Teleport".So it's like this: c.getPA().sendFrame126("Your text here", #sendFrame ID#); It's not only limited to spells and teleports though. You could change the text of any interfaces using this code, as long as you know the correct ID.Here is the full list of modern and ancients teleports, simply replace the old ones with these and edit edit them to the names and decription you want it to be: //modern c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 1300); //varrock c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 1301); //varrock description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 1325); //lumbridge c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 1326); //lumbridge description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 1350); //falador c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 1351); //falador description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 1382); //camelot c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 1383); //camelot description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 1415); //ardougne c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 1416); //ardougne description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 1454); //watchtower c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 1455); //watchtower description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 7457); //trollheim c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 7458); //trollheim description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 18472); //ape atoll c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 18473); //ape atoll description //ancients c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13037); //paddewwa c.getPA().sendFrame126("Monster Teleport", 13038); //paddewwa description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13047); //senntisten c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 13048); //senntisten description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13055); //kharyll c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 13056); //kharyll description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13063); //lassar c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 13064); //lassar description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13071); //dareeyak c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 13072); //dareeyak description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13081); //carrallanger c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 13082); //carralanger description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13089); //annakarl c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 13090); //annakarl description c.getPA().sendFrame126("Teleport name", 13097); //ghorrock c.getPA().sendFrame126("Description", 13098); //ghorrock description So now you know how to edit the texts on existing and new interfaces! Enjoy!
  8. Working on a new project, looking to go in beta around a few days! Need Beta Testers And Staffs. -Vorago -Arraxor -Amazing Prestige Systems -Custom donator zones with donator benefits -Beginnerfriendly moneymakers -Dicing -Active Pking -100% Clan Chat -Perfect PVM Experience -Trimmed completionist cape -Masters Capes -Ge -All Skills Working -15 MiniGames Join discord now! [Hidden Content]
  9. Tropix

    Near-Reality Release

  10. Tropix

    Two Years

    i joined only 1 week ago, and i really like the community. it's not toxic at all people help each others! Longue vie, RuneSuite!
  11. Tropix

    Client Launcher

    good as always! good job thanks you for that
  12. Tropix

    Rspsi 3D Map Editor V1.13

    @Madara no problem, just trying to help out
  13. Tropix

    Rspsi 3D Map Editor V1.13

    Video Of What youare downloading! [Hidden Content] Camera: W/S: Move forward/back based on your view angle. A/D: Move left/right of your current position Page Up/Down: Move up/down on the Z axis. Up/Down Arrow keys: Move forward without modifying Z. Left/Right arrow keys: Rotate camera left/right. Objects: Q: rotate left E: rotate right Select tile: Click&drag: Select tiles CTRL + click: Select or deselect a single tile CTRL + SHIFT + click&drag: Deselect tiles (draggable) SHIFT + click&drag: Add tiles to current selection. Height tool: Click: increase height Shift + click: decrease height Ctrl + click: smooth heights Alt + click: set heights[/spoiler] Update v1.13 Autosaving has been added to the editor. Every 60 seconds the current map you're working on is saved and backed up to a file in user.home/.rspsi/backup/Should the editor crash or not shut down correctly, you will be presented with prompt to load the last autosave.Additionally for anyone that has had issues with the tile heights of their maps being offset on save, there is a new button in Tools > Fix tile heights. This will reset all tiles on z > 0 based on the tile at z = 0. Fixed an issue with some camera keys getting stuck. Fixed an issue with height saving. New UI look, more changes to come Loading files from cache should be much better. Code supports saving to cache, but is not implemented in the editor yet. Credits to nshusa for rsam. Added a method for plugins to get the delivered resource easily in any class, check out the PluginSkeleton for an example. Fixed an issue with some swatches not loading Fixed an issue that would cause some maps not to load when their underlays were set to unused underlays. Updated the cache data to OSRS #168 Separated the Sellfy downloads into 3 different zip files. Changed model loading Download;

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