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  1. We don't have any donation system, any donation rewards, you cant spend money on our RSPS. Will add Media, come visit us. [Hidden Content]
  2. MGK

    317 client

    Sup guys, i have this one guys client, won't say the name but hes a dick. I currently hold his latest client files, i wanna know if any of you knows a way to change rights, dupe or abuse how ever of this situation lol.. [its a shitty cutom items 317 rsps] he doesnt know how to code and basically wont be able to fix it hmu please lol
  3. WEBSITE | DOWNLOAD | FORUMS Arrav RSPS Is Back Again, Better then ever ! We ALWAYS strive to give the best gameplay to our players, and the best community to play with ! Join us today and bring back old memories of Arrav ! [SPOILER=Media] [/SPOILER]
  4. Just opened today, you can download the client here : [Hidden Content] ... We're not officialy opened i need to test everything out first.
  5. Vouch ++ He's done tons of work for meh,
  6. Nice release man thanks for the contribution.

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