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  1. thanks for sharing, don't think i'll use though rofl
  2. And if you actually know what you're doing you won't run into that problem and will be able to easily find the keyloggers or whatever malware is infected in the files and remove it with no complications.
  3. Because most releases on here are leaks obviously. Why else would most of them include "download with caution, etc"
  4. DesolutionRS

    Tokhaar 150

    Thanks for the release
  5. Thanks for the tool mate, going to check it out now the tool comes with a run.bat that you can use to launch it, or you can launch it via eclipse
  6. DesolutionRS

    OSRS Map Editor

    Thanks, going to check this out, got few custom maps i want to make
  7. Thanks for the contribution.
  8. interesting, definitely gonnna check it out.
  9. Thanks for the release. May use for a project or rip some things, good job
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