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  1. DesolutionRS

    Client Launcher

    looks good!
  2. DesolutionRS

    Arrav Landing Page - Leaked

  3. DesolutionRS


    Lol 100% . Rangry is a horrible owner. He'd threaten to ddos his players if they spoke against him rofl. Coming from personal experiences which i witnessed...I used to web dev for rangry and holy fuck was that a shit show..He changed his source like 4-5 times within 2 months l00l, he got hacked / keylogged like 3-4 separate times while i was there, his server always got ddosed. He'd spam me 24/7 begging me to rip forums and homepages for him cuz his mate has a website copier lmfao. spams you 24/7 asking you to do this n that, but the first time you don't agree or something he starts his spamming/shit talking and threatening lol he threatened to fry my routor and fry my server just because i told him quit. ^.^ Kid likes to act nice until there's something he needs and if you can't get what he needs he'll do you so dirty so fuckin quick. He tried to change the hosting pass of the website me and him had begun to start together but he's a dipshit and fails at everything and i recovered it so i took over his rangryscape.com and took down the domain. Fuck you Rangry, you're a piece of shit. You should never be allowed to host a server or be online at all lmfao.
  4. DesolutionRS

    Nightmare-scape Release

    I remember this server lmao wow brings back memories. Thanks for the Download. Will check it out
  5. DesolutionRS

    RSPSi Map Editor v1.0

    Nice release am going to take a look at this.
  6. DesolutionRS

    Hello All

    Hello all, was told about this site from a mate
  7. DesolutionRS

    Ascend-Rsps /Release enjoy guys!


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