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  1. It's a common courtesy. The issue is people have come to RSPSi thinking that the program is legitimately a free one. Obviously some people can't afford $115 and this version is so out dated that it doesnt matter. Like I said, It's a courtesy and obviously you have none. The only other post where I mocked the forum is where my map was released lol. Settle down.
  2. If you guys want the actual up to date version, with future updates it can be purchased here: [Hidden Content] It'd be good to edit your post with this ^
  3. Release stolen Map, stolen map editor, neighbors wifi, stolen laptop. Must be RuneSuite leakers 😂😂
  4. Ooof. Thanks for atleast giving credit. You will be missing quite a few things that we manually changed definitions for though. We recolored and retextured several objects. Some things may look out of place, so that's why. Also LQ Downloads?!? Lol This map has about 30 hours of work in it :P, that's with server side and client side work as well though.
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