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  1. randprint

    If anyone needs help

    I wouldn't mind a tip on starting to get cutscenes working in this 530 I'm working on. I think I banned skype from my computer once i saw the glory of discord tho.
  2. randprint


    Just grinding my day away, plugging at this arios 530 release, fixing, adding, testing.
  3. randprint

    RSPS Youtube Tutorials

    it's always cool to share tutorials, I keep thinking about making one for some advanced uses of intellij, I say do it.
  4. randprint


    new to rsps too, a lot to learn
  5. randprint

    Hey, Sanctaria Owner here.

  6. randprint

    Ghost's Intro

    nice to make your acquaintance o/
  7. randprint


    Welcome o/
  8. randprint

    Client Launcher

    very cool, thanks for sharing
  9. randprint

    New RSPS Investor

    best of luck, welcome!
  10. randprint


    hello! I like the community minded thoughts.
  11. Bewilderment There are many guises for intelligence. One part of you is gliding in a high windstream, while your more ordinary notions take little steps and peck at the ground. Conventional knowledge is death to our souls, and it is not really ours. It is laid on. Yet we keep saying we find ‘rest’ in these ‘beliefs’. We must become ignorant of what we have been taught and be instead bewildered. Run from what is profitable and comfortable. Distrust anyone who praises you. Give your investment money, and the interest on the capital, to those who are actually destitute. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on, I’ll be mad. – Rumi
  12. randprint


    o/ hi, new to runescape here, a fellow geek dragged me into helping him with a server and this stuff is kind of addicting. I'm working on an oldschool/hd 530 with him and trying to learn how to pack/unpack caches and have them actually work afterwards with the server and client, not only for his project but I'm also thinking I want to make a total conversion to make an Ultima-esque world of my own. I've possibly graduated from script kiddie to coder somewhere over the last 25 years of goofing around with things and I'm also getting pretty adept at 3d modeling (so I don't think making my Ultima world is completely out of reach, once I figure out this cache business) see you around

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