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  1. From my experience with using Nocturne 876's cache with an editor, you need to make a few opcode changes and it should load perfectly fine.
  2. Armar made my 718/905 one as well, I use it pretty often.
  3. I remember playing on this server back in the day.
  4. I'll def download this and archive it if I ever find a 909 cache.
  5. Highest I've personally worked on was 902, wonder how much of a pain 910 is lol
  6. I wonder how different this is from Tom's 881 or Nocturne lmao
  7. Thanks for this, will def use it a lot.
  8. I can picture some in the wilderness running around with those lmfao.
  9. Bit late to the party, but these look very nice.
  10. I code rs3 rsps and have not attempted OSRS yet so that's my choice
  11. Hello, I'm Shirayuki or otherwise known as Ryn. I used to work on Nexus NXT and Nocturne 3. I'm a weeb and that's all there really is to say about me.
  12. Personally I prefer to code on 718 but to each their own
  13. Golden/Normal : 4420 Rainbow: 5051 Festive: 5298 Sandcastle: 5529 Water Spout: 6329 Gravestone: 6502
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