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  1. greenthumb

    OS-Royale P.O.S simple question

    @Madara Yeah I figured it out after adding a search plugin for eclipse lol. Swapped sources either way though back to using shitty elvarg :3 Thanks tho homie
  2. greenthumb

    [317] Overload Release

    Thanks i guess prolly wont use
  3. greenthumb

    ruthlessps Release

    thanks bro
  4. greenthumb

    OS-World Re-release

  5. greenthumb

    Lost-Isle - 150 Data

  6. greenthumb

    OsWorld Release (LATEST)

    ayee @Apollo u got a spare link bro?
  7. greenthumb

    Random Dumb Question

    How badly would it effect performance if I was to use code from a pi or other source to implement in a custom framework? Or would it just fuck the server up..?
  8. greenthumb

    OS-Royale P.O.S simple question

    @Madara well shit, not that experienced to write it myself an doubt any rips would be compatible with osr guess thats out the window thanks for the reply glad i can stop picking through every line searching lol
  9. greenthumb

    OS-Royale P.O.S simple question

    Can someone tell me which directory contains player owned shops settings? looked in everything i saw related to it aswell as everything imported into the playershop plugin itself, cant find it anywhere, wanted to enable to do some testing if its stable or not. Please if someone has the time just to tell me the mf name of the directory I'd be a happy hoe Edit: Non existent
  10. greenthumb

    OS-Royale release

    Anyone know where to enable POS/Marketplace? I've searched all night runs smooth af but i want dat pos @thievingnoob In the client go to change the cofiguration.java change the cache version an client version to match that of the game version "5" i did 2 for cache an 3 for client. And set ur own links in osrsroyale.updater.updater, or use mine idgaf they're temp /** * The client version. */ private static final String CLIENT_VERSION = "[Hidden Content]"; /** * The cache version. */ private static final String CACHE_VERSION = "[Hidden Content]"; /** * The cache download url link. */ public static final String CACHE_LINK = "[Hidden Content]"; /** * The client download url link. */ private static final String CLIENT_LINK = "[Hidden Content]"; /**
  11. greenthumb

    Valius - Released

  12. greenthumb

    OSPS (First Version)

    ehh might could use
  13. greenthumb

    Ikov (arrav) - Release

    rip time :3
  14. greenthumb

    [OSRS 126 Data] Lunar Isle V3

    gimmie that

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