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  1. honestly not surprised how many people downloaded this, I'm glad I ruined the chances of this project being anything good lmao. To all you people ripping shit also, I know I gave you this, but you guys gotta learn how to do shit yourselves one day and not take other peoples work lol, fuckin leechers. Use these files as a learning opportunity, not just let me see what kinda good shit there is, copy paste boom now my server is dope as fuck bro!!!!!!!
  2. lmao look at all these sad leechers, enjoy mofos haha
  3. You're an idiot, there's no hidden links. If you can't see the dropbox links then idk what to tell you lol.
  4. Hello, I am leaking Rise317/Envy 317 Source, Client and Cache. I know this copy has been wanted by some, so enjoy. PM If interested in a CODED copy for 3-4+ months. Lots of newer stuff then this crap release like a custom home, raids, more content, lots of dupes/bug fixes. $$$$$ Cache Source & Client VirusTotal VirusTotal
  5. Thanks for this, will be checking it out.
  6. thanks for this lets see! might use some stuff
  7. He can’t anydesk because he doesn’t know how to run the server and doesn’t know what an IDE is.
  8. Yep, it’s not his files or rights to be selling. He’s scamming
  9. This guy is a known scammer in the community, be careful.
  10. Hades

    DAT Maker.

    Thanks, been looking for this.
  11. Thanks for this gonna check it out
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