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    check itout
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    Arios - Back-end Leaked & SQL Dump

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    Rune-Central ll RSPS Community

    Joined will try it our for a few days. Is there a website?
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    RSPS Youtube Tutorials

    Yes, please keep making vids. Very helpful
  5. Yes, all skills work 100% Recent Updates: Server: (Already in-effect) - Fixed gem, stardust, evil tree prices - Fixed skilling teleports on the teleport menu - Upon fixing skilling teleports, all the teleports were incorrect (leading to dungeons), this has been fixed. - Added the boss pt, trivia, stardust shops to home - The "icy blue" skin color now works - Exp well will now be active for 2 hours instead of 30 minutes (like stated in the dialogue). - Fixed a couple trivia questions - The world map icon will also open a teleport menu - Rammernaut removed from boss teleports - The quest tab will now display the correct number of players online - Removed the shade from all global messages. Looks more professional, cleaner and easier on the eye now. - Vorki pet will now follow you properly and not stay in one place - Donators+ will no longer get a dialogue pop-up when using ::yell - Dungeon, Boss, Minigame, Wilderness teleport will open their correct teleporting interface now - All 2h animation (godswords, etc) have been fixed, no more twitches - Golden mining models added server-sided - Voting points should now be fixed - Owners and Managers will now have clan rights. - Donation system should be fixed - Reduced the "Mine 1000 runite ore" task to 500. - Fixed owners and admins displaying incorrect crowns in the regular chat - When talking for owners, your title appears before your crown. This is now fixed. - Fixed model priority for ancestral hat - Fixed venenatis teleport issue - Slash bash no longer takes you to a black map - Removed the "null" item from king black dragon drops - Shop quantities have been changed from 500k → 100k - Armadyl, bandos and PVP equipment are now tradable. Client/Cache: - Replaced the world map icon - Fixed invisible ancestral top - Added purple slayer helm - Fixed inventory models for justiciar and ghrazi rapier - Added crystal chest to home - Model priority fixes: Serp helmets, Justiciar body, Ancestral top - Youtuber rank will show a youtuber icon, instead of the support icon. - Support rank will show a support icon, instead of a ruby icon.
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  7. Arceuus is a 317 private server that has been in development since earlier this year. Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere where players can come in and play on a balanced economy, kill a variety of bosses, and compete with each other in a variety of ways, such as skilling, minigames and player killing. We're in no way affiliated with the old Arceuus server. All skills working (Construction, Hunter, Summoning, and Dungeoneering) 10+ Minigames (Full Inferno, Pest Control, Castle Wars and more!) 25+ bosses, both OSRS and RS2 with all drops! Customizable Max & Completionist Cape Bounty Hunter target system with rewards Easy, Medium, Elite, and Duo Slayer tasks Shooting stars and evil trees Player owned shops Active staking and gambling
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    [OSRS] VenomPS Released

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    VernoxHD - Released


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