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  1. Valkyrie FEATURES > Daily updates > Dedicated staff > Overlays <Npcs, Objects, Item> > Osrs bank interface & PLACEHOLDERS > F keys like osrs > Mining Refinery > World Map > Alchemical hydra > Mimic > Custom bosses with Custom items > Rune pouch, herb sack, seed box, gem bag, coal bag > God wars > Skotizo > Crazy Archeologist > Vetion > Vorkath > Kalphite > Cerberus > Kraken > Callisto > Scorpia > Cerberus > Venenatis > Chaos Fanatic > Zulrah > ancient gorilla > Lizardman Shaman's Mini Games > Group Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Normal ironman, Ultimate ironman > Barrows > Bounty Hunter > Treasure trails > Warriors Guild > Raids > Inferno > Fight caves Custom Home Discord https://discord.gg/cVpqkgR
  2. gonna check this out thanks jack!
  3. oh wow this is actually perrry cool hmm
  4. you a homie for life <3
  5. interesting some owners are truly rude! hope this helps oeople!
  6. sad things that people charge back but thanks for the release!
  7. love the dawntained base excited to see what this entails!
  8. looks awesome cant wait to tryit ou! thanks
  9. looks awesome, cant wait to tryit out thanks !
  10. Interesting - will see if I can get this or runelite working - both i feel may be difficult

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