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  1. ok good one try again with your rsps sources they get better if you fix them
  2. good one gotta try it yooooo whats upp
  3. models for 1000$ we can setup the whole rsps your way. just draw a design and we add it. the ability to go to other maps are done also. if you need rs3 design then 4500$ thru bitcoins only. from our main developer who passed away 3 days ago....RIP Hello we got designs i was sick and died went to a better place called heaven. Ok so it was 4500$ only bitcoins certain people they chargeback. if you do a bitcoin purchase chargeback and we cant send then your files are not sent. a 10 day hold is needed. pay us we pickup money thru wu we exchange money in hands we give files. we use mediafire only. if files are to big we can send via email if you send a number to call. 3 designers,
  4. package 1 : 40$ we code highscores for most osrs rsps if you got rs3 a 80$ is needed package 2 : 60$ we code highscores and we got a system if somebody gets 99 all users will receive a message in game package 3: 200$ highscores, messages, ability to change name in highscores in case its needed for events or want to hide a name plus a voucher from us for 65$ for future purchases plus youll receive something called lootshare can be setup in events lets say you drop 50m 10 player receive 10m each. 7$ for this extra for those who want to setup instant. contact me once done. i accept paypal or bitcoins. trust a developer trust a new guider
  5. Check out virmach.com they got osrs botting plans. Instant setup. PayPal accepted. Check them out, they got live chat if you need help. https://vpsgamers.com/runescape-botting-private-proxy/ selling vps and proxies for osrs. instant setup. 24/7 live help. tickets answered within 1 day. I already got a vps with them. my friends go here to proof you can use web remote desktop viewer you only get link you cant find in faq. https://scripts.virmach.com/viewdesktop.php
  6. hi i am jp98sushi hows it going. i will be active here have a good one
  7. jp98sushi


    yo hello. i am new here. i am to be active. so if you see me then good

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A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.

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