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  1. Really fun server if i do say so myself, i have played since launch and i am currently assisting with development as we continue making unique content, heavy emphasis on pvm.
  2. yrFate

    Hello World!

    Hi you can call me Fate if you want, Just someone who has a liking for rsps and wants to get a bit more into hardcore development than i have been previously, just as a background about me i have an education in game design and computer science and real life software development and qa experience from some previous employers, currently im self employed and looking to use my time to learn more about rsps and some other unrelated things im interested in so here i am! since this new little forum seems fairly active and friendly unlike some of the existing rsps dev communities i figured i would give it a decent shot. I do have limited experience with rsps mostly just messing around with them and experimenting with stuff on my own time but i have been a volunteer developer on 2 rsps that i was/am also part of the community of. So anyway hai nice to meetcha.

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