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  1. Convict

    Arcanium (176 Deob, Runelite)

    Thanks for this, brother
  2. Convict

    Asteria OSRS | Stable Base

    Thanks brother, someone was trying to sell me this for $40-50, but charging others $100.
  3. More media/content added!
  4. RELEASED: 21 September 2018 Exyle is an Old School Economy-based server that strives to provide the best experience possible for all players; PVMers and PKers alike. We've been hard at work fixing bugs, perfecting XP rates, and balancing drops to match the needs and wants of the Players for a content-rich, amazing server. As of now, Exyle provides the following and so much more: We have a lot of amazing ideas right now for future content, minigames, and already have a very active community giving us more ideas and helping us shape the server how they all see is best! We try our hardest to stay on track with our Slogan and provide that experience that the players want the most out of any server. Currently hosted through demand of the Players, content additions coming very soon! Our Discord is our main area of communication. You can also find us at our Website, but it's currently under construction!
  5. Convict

    OS-Royale release

    Thanks brother
  6. Convict


    Checking now
  7. Convict

    Client Launcher

    Thanks for this!
  8. Convict

    Exyle OSRS

  9. Convict

    Exyle OSRS

    @G.O.A.T Thanks, Ace!
  10. Convict

    Convict's Introduction

    Hello everyone, I'm Convict. I'm 21, , and am currently in the works with my team on a new OSRS Server known as Exyle. Currently Alpha testing and making sure our new systems don't have any bugs/issues before moving along into Beta, then release. I'm big on perfection, take my time to ensure things are done right. I've recently started doing more Graphic Design (It's better than paying for it lol) and things are coming out nicely! Happy to say my server's logo and other graphics are my own. 😂 Hope to meet many of you and maybe even work with some of you later down the road! Take care!
  11. Convict

    Exyle OSRS

    Hello RuneSuite, I'm Convict, Owner/Founder of Exyle OSRS. We're currently in Alpha testing at the moment and are looking for more individuals to check us out and be a part of our rather new community. Official Exyle OSRS Discord Look forward to meeting with all of you. MEDIA (Will add more as content is added):
  12. Anyone have this? Links broken.
  13. Convict


    very interested in this
  14. Convict

    Aeros- Leaked!

  15. Convict

    OS-World Re-release

    Show me the goods

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